About Me

Hello!  My name is Teresa, and I am the face behind Bell Ink Designs.  I am a teacher, a mom to a 23 year old daughter and a chihuahua, a designer, and a lover of COFFEE and all things GLITTER!



This is Buddy.  He was the puppy that no one wanted, so I took him in and loved him.  Now he is spoiled, pampered, gets everything he wants, and is my shadow!

My sister came to visit me in Hawaii when I was stationed at Schofield Barracks.  We had a blast that week!  We were born in the same year and do everything the same.....not intentionally as we live in separate states.

When we were little, our favorite thing to do was play in the rain.  We'd put on our raincoats, boots, and grab our umbrellas.  We lived at the bottom of a big hill and there was always a puddle.  We were more than happy to jump around in that puddle!

When having a bad day, a caramel latte from Panera always makes everything better.  Couldn't get through my day without my coffee!

I spent 4 years in the Army stationed in Hawaii.  I made some lasting friendships during that time.

.... this is me now........

I work with some great people and am fortunate to love my job.  I enjoy going to work every morning.  How can you not love kindergarten??

......and GLITTER is my favorite color!